Ultrasonic Distance Measurement
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Ultrasonic Distance Measurement


Ultrasonic Distance Measuring Instrument has the following function:

  1. Shift between metric system and English unit.
  2. Conversion of Distance measuring baseline.
  3. Having Calculating Capacity and can compute area and volume.
  4. Indicating low voltage.
  5. Having laser indicator.
  6. Able to measuring Temperature.


Technical Parameter:

  1. Measurement range: 0.45m ~ 18m
  2. Accuracy: ± (1cm+0.5% x Distance)
  3. Power Supply: 9v (6F22) Battery
  4. Temperature Compensation: 0oC ~ 35˚C
  5. Operating Voltage: 9V DC,
  6. Electrical Current of Automatic Shut –off: < 5ua,
  7. Inactive Current: < 5 ma;
  8. Measuring Current is below: 60ma.
  9. Resolution of distance measuring: 0.01M,
  10. Resolution of temperature measurement: 0.1˚C,
  11. Accuracy of temperature measurement: ±1.0˚C.
  12. Laser transmitting power: < 1 mw; Class: II.

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